Land & Development

Investing in land is proving a valuable defence strategy for those looking to protect or diversity their assets.

At Webb Homes we are experts in Land Acquisitions. Whether buying, selling or developing residential, commercial, agricultural or mixed-used sites Nicholas Sweet & our Land agents are trusted experts in identifying new opportunities, adding value and maximising returns at every stage of the buying/selling/developing process.

We regularly advise on projects varying in size and complexity – from single house Sites, large estates; drawing on our local knowledge, commercial know-how and deep understanding of the issues, trends and shifting regulations affecting land real estate both in the UK and globally.


Services for land owners

Our land agents evaluate the best use of land property and create tailor-made strategies to maximise the value of your real estate holdings.

We take care of the sales/development process from start to completion, making sure value is added wherever possible. Whether you wish to sell or develop your land our professionals have access to a database of local, national and international buyers and developers.

At the same time, we put your objectives at the heart of what we do – this means we strive to get you the best deal at the best price as quickly as possible.


Services for land investors & land developers

When we’re in the know, so are you.

Webb Homes Land division are experts in identifying, optimising and acquiring land with development potential. Diversifying our clients’ portfolio of assets and adding value is what we do.

Through our dedication we closely monitor market conditions and capitalise on emerging opportunities even
before they come to market.

What this means for you? Our solid asset investment and development strategies mitigate risk, navigate complex planning permissions and generate impressive returns.

Additionally, our land agents work closely with Webb Homes commercial and residential development and asset management teams ensuring a seamless, integrated service from start to finish.